A IT Asset Recycling Service Company
With  environmental concerns growing daily now is the time to switch to the green. Industrial Green noted as a professional IT Recycler.  For more than two decades. The company has developed new processes under its sustainable operating philosophy, Better service, newer technology help to make us the very best in our field. With our new location and updated equipment our clients can only benefit from our success.  



With over twenty years of dedicated customer focused management using a highly effective recycling process and a dynamic freight network, our clients have rewarded us with ever increasing demands having been satisfied with our capabilities to deliver a quality service in a timely fashion. This is the ultimate measure of our success.

Our firms proactive recruitment process ensures we will continue to acquire the appropriate technical knowledge. This allows us to continue to contribute to the firms sustainable operating philosophy and its underlying support systems dedicated to:

Creativity, efficient use of technology, attention to the principles of quality, and dedication to the principle of exceeding customer expectations.

Future Goals
Anticipating this new millennium, creativity continues to be our firm's hallmark in servicing our customers .We are confident that this demonstrated critical attribute, appropriately combined with our fundamental systematic team approach, allows us to provide highly effective partnering services to our clients. Thus, We marshal our assets in a highly creative, yet focused support of our clients objectives. This approach clearly differentiates us from our competitors and allows us to concentrate on effective value added partnering activities.

Focused on the future from a solid and successful past, we are driven by our desire to consistently exceed the expectations of our clients. Keeping this important promise will allow us to deserve to be known as an industry yardstick in this new millennium.

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